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Prominentt gaming solutions are reshaping the world of skill game play. Our skill machines offer players with thrilling adventures, 3D graphics, and legendary game.

Our impressive range of cabinets is created to make the world's greatest games to life. We are providing top performing cabinets that integrate sleek designs, high-quality hardware, and superior digital skills building an impressive experience for players around the world.

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Excellent Product Line Up

First-of-its-kind Prominentt Games offer a robust and entertaining game including frequently hitting bonuses and wins, free games with retriggers, four-level progressives, multi-game options, bonus prize. At Prominentt Games will show its progressive offering, which can be configured for unique progressives. You'll get relaxing, traditional skill to high-resolution, action-packed games to 3D-adventurous games. We might not be the biggest in the world, but we've certainly found the very best in a skill game, offering you a collection of games. If you want something very entertaining then we recommend you check out our wide range of games.


24/7Customer Support

Account managers are accountable for managing the daily requirements of our operators, our skilled team professionals are uniquely equipped to order into a wide kind of possible problems and reply to regular questions. These cover daily business matters such as approval of wins, collecting of data history, data logs examinations, fast error resolution, and clearing pending wallet matters, among others. Our experienced team is spread across the globe, round the clock, 24-7. They give very personalized support executives, giving customers with any information or help that may be needed at any given time.



Marketing Services

We have a talented team of marketing experts is regularly available to assist you to grow businesses and maintain your existing clients engaged. All of our industry-leading games are packed with a comprehensive set of graphics, which can be utilized to produce useful advertising operations over an extensive type of media and platforms such as social and spread networks, email campaigns, and affiliate sites. Apart from the standard art packs given with each of our titles, we are also ready to help with tailored campaigns, with the conception of co-branded custom artwork or specific assets.


Maintenance and Support Services

A solid technical infrastructure is maybe the most vital element of every successful skill game operation. But, with so many many options to make getting this section of the business right can be challenging, especially for engineers with restricted in-house IT resources. Our own professional personnel is included some of the industry's most skilled and talented people, which is what enables us to provide a way to a very solid back end with an unbelievable common server uptime. This astonishing team is ready to help current and existing operators with an extensive variety of technical elements.



Our Team

Since the past decade, Prominentt games have gained a reputation as one of the world's leading generators of high-quality gaming products. We give an exceptional level of service, supported by a reliable team of experienced engineers, account managers, software developers, game designers, graphic artists, 3D animators, and marketing professionals. Apart from these our team have at their control a large collection of professional software in key with artistic skills, will politely amaze you if you are distressed with the boredom.

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